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How much will it cost to replace my roof?

Many factors affect the final cost of a new roof. The cost can also vary depending on the condition, materials, damage and size of the roof. The average cost to replace a roof can vary quite a bit. A cheaper roof can sometimes be made  from lower quality materials or even lower quality craftsmanship, which can reduce the longevity and health of your home and result in needing to replace your roof sooner. The good news is, most roofing companies like MC Roofing will work with your insurance company and in many situations, your roof replacement will be covered by insurance. 

What is the best type of roof?

The best type of material depends on your home specific wants and needs. The largest determining factor in whether or not to replace your roof with a metal or asphalt shingle style is aesthetic. Do you live in an urban or rural setting? When choosing the best type of shingle for your home, consider your location and resale value. It's also important to consider the material's longevity in extreme climates like ours in Wyoming. Although metal roofs can be more expensive, metal is rated to last longer. Comparatively, asphalt shingles are more susceptible to weather damage.

How does replacing my roof work with my insurance?

We work with all insurance companies. When you call your insurance, our team will inspect your room to determine whether there is insurable damage that has occurred. Once you receive your results, you can file a claim or we will communicate with the adjuster and work with the adjuster to complete a price estimate.

Do I need my roof replaced if it leaks?

All types of leaks are different. A leak doesn't necessarily indicate an entire roof replacement and can sometimes be solved by replacing one or a few shingles. Other leaks may be caused by skylights or condensation issues with the HVAC system. Roof replacement depends on the overall condition of your roof. The safest bet is to get your roof inspected to have a professional evaluate the damage and source of the leak.

How do I know my roofing contractor can be trusted?

Roof repair can be an expensive commitment. Some roofers get a bad reputation for overcharging clients and not fixing the roof correctly. Make sure to contact contractors directly before accepting bids. A trustworthy roofing company will the cost and condition of your roof upfront. Another good sign is that they will acquire a building permit and inspect your roof first, and also let you know that you can cancel within a 72-hours period. Make sure to ask to see copies of the roofers' Workers' Comp. and General Liability Insurance prior to signing the contract.

How long do roofs last?

Different types of materials are rated to last different lengths of time. A roof can last anywhere from one month to 100 years. Proper ventilation and installation are crucial factors in determining how long your roof will last. Weather also plays a huge role in the longevity of your roof.  Exposure to the elements decreases the time your roof will endure. In Wyoming, we experience a variety of extreme weather conditions such as ice, wind, snow and hail for most of the year which can cause damage. We recommend getting your roof inspected every 3-5 years depending on the weather it experiences.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

When you schedule your roof inspection, we will provide you with the results and our recommendations within 24 hours. We will schedule your roof replacement within 2 to 3 weeks from the date your contract is signed. Although the timelines of individual projects vary depending on the roof’s complexity, angles and size, we complete most roofs within 1 to 3 days.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

Weather damage is the number one reason for roof replacement. When you get a roof inspection, your roofing contractor will let you know the extent of weather damage and if your roof can be repaired. T-Lock shingle roofs with missing shingles are more likely to need replacement than roofs made with architectural shingles. Roof replacement is determined on a job-by-job basis because every situation is different. We recommend getting inspected by a trustworthy professional after experiencing heavy storms or at least every 3-5 years to know your options.

What is the best time to replace a roof?

In Wyoming, roofing season runs generally April 1 through November 1 depending on weather conditions. Once the snow is here to stay, it becomes difficult to replace roofs effectively. If it’s been a while since you checked out your roof or you recently experienced extreme weather, make sure to get a roof inspection early in the season so that any repairs or replacement can be done before the winter weather hits.

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