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Roofing services in Casper, WY

MC Roofing strives to provide locals in the Casper, WY, Douglas, WY and Buffalo, WY areas with quality roofs and exceptional service. With 30+ years of experience in residential construction, MC Roofing is a one-stop-shop for all your roofing projects. No matter what your roof needs, we make sure to do that job right the first time and communicate with you start to finish so that you know exactly what to expect. Below are some of the services that we provide.

Get in touch for a free estimate

You get what you pay for with MC Roofing.

A common question we get asked is, "Why are roofs so expensive?" Here's why. 

MC Roofing services include...
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair

  • Inspections for homeowners and real estate

  • New Roof Construction

  • Roof Installation

  • Roof Repair and Replacement

  • Roof & Attic Insulation

  • Holiday Light Hanging & Installation

New roofs


MC roofing specializes in architectural (asphalt shingle) and metal roofs. Both have different advantages. Click below to learn more about the differences. Not sure if you need a new roof? Call today for a free inspection!

Roof repair

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Certain roofs that have incurred damage may be eligible for repair rather than full replacement. Uncertain whether your roof is suitable for repairs? Reach out to us now to schedule a complimentary inspection! 

Roof insulation

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Elevate your home's energy efficiency and comfort with MC Roofing's expert roof insulation services in Casper, WY. Experience reduced energy costs and enhanced indoor comfort through our top-notch insulation solutions for attics and roofing. 

Real Estate Roof Inspections


MC Roofing provides honest roof inspections for home buyers and sellers in Natrona County. If you are selling your home and we find your roof is not in need of immediate updates for safety or longevity, we can also provide a certification of your roof’s condition.

Professional Holiday Light Hanging

Xmas lights10.jpg

With our experienced team, there is no need to take time on a weekend to get up on the roof and hang up your Christmas lights. We will get up there for you, and take your lights down when the holiday season ends. Our team is experienced in hanging C5 and C7 Christmas lights.

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Roof inspections for real estate in Casper, WY

MC Roofing is trusted by Casper’s real estate agents, home buyers and sellers

If you’re buying a home in Casper, one of these inspections you’ll want to make sure to arrange is a roof inspection for the property you are purchasing. Arranging a roof inspection prior to closing will protect you from the surprise of additional expenses like a full roof replacement or roof repairs for damage after you’ve already made a large investment by purchasing your home. 

If you are selling your home, scheduling a roof inspection with your real estate agent prior to listing your home can provide you with an opportunity to increase your home’s value and list price.

Our process for replacing and repairing your roof begins with an honest evaluation of the condition of your home. Although roofs are made to last a long time, regular inspections from a trusted company like MC Roofing can keep your roof free of holes or cracks that could cause leaks or other problems for your home. We pride ourselves in thorough, accurate inspections and only recommend roof replacement if it’s the best way to protect your home.

All our services start with a free inspection

real estate
What happens during a roofing inspection?

We arrive when convenient for you.

Get in touch to schedule your inspection when convenient for you. Our team stays flexible in order to work with your schedule. Inspections usually take about an hour. If you're a home buyer or realtor acting on behalf of your client, we are happy to coordinate our inspection with your other scheduled inspections to achieve the most convenient timing for everyone.

We get up on the roof and check it out!

Our expert roof project managers will thoroughly investigate your roof and provide a truthful evaluation of your roof condition. We won't recommend an unnecessary roof replacement if yours is in good condition. 

We address any issues we find asap.

The next and final step is scheduling when to Depending on the time of year and what we find, we'll schedule your repairs or replacement during warm temperatures on sunny, clear days in order to ensure that the shingles stick properly and that your roof lasts a long time.

What we look for during an inspection
  • ​Prevent structural damage

  • Check for weather damage

  • Assess leaks and cracks

  • Confirm proper drainage

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