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You bring the lights,

we hang them!

Putting up Christmas lights in Wyoming can be a tedious and intimidating task. Stay safe and warm, and save time when you have your C7 and C9 Christmas lights hung professionally! Get your home in holiday spirit with lights hung along the gable, ridge, hips and eaves your house. Every installation includes a free inspection just to make sure your roof is in good shape for the winter. In January, we will take down the lights and return them to you to hang later in the year.

Never wrangle Christmas lights again.

You can expect quality and quick work when we install your Christmas lights


Save time

No need to waste your time on a Saturday, we will take care of this seasonal chore for you. Plus, we will take down the lights when the season ends so that you can mourn the end of the holidays without a lot of clean up.

Prevent damage

Christmas lights hung incorrectly can cause damage to your roof’s shingles. We know where the brackets need to be placed in order to prevent holes, cracks and leaks.

Safety first

Getting up on the roof to put up lights can be intimidating. No need to stress when you have our professional team ascend the heights on your behalf.

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Ready to get your roof ready for the holidays?

Get on our schedule to get in the holiday spirit.

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